3 reasons why learning First Aid skills should be your New Year Resolution

It’s approaching the time when we might sit down and write our list of New Year resolutions. Often they focus on getting fitter or healthier or perhaps spending more time with family.

What if your new resolution was something equally important? A resolution to take the time learn First Aid skills.

There are a hundred reasons to learn first aid skills but we wanted to encourage as many people as possible to learn these amazing skills in 2018 and so, in the office, we came up with 3 big reasons why it should be your resolution.

Let’s start with the obvious reason..

You could save a life – That’s a pretty big thing to say isn’t it? Life is so precious but also precarious. You never know when a situation might occur. When you hear someone shout ‘Does anyone know first aid?’ And you will be able to answer that call. Having that knowledge gives you such enormous peace of mind that, should you ever (and hopefully not) need to deploy those skills, you could. It could literally be the difference, at that moment, between life and death. Statistics says that people who receive first aid before emergency services arrive have a better survival rate. In fact in increases from 6% survival to a whopping 74%!

Job Opportunities – Having first aid skills under your belt is a great thing to have on your CV. Many organisations require first aiders amongst their staff and a person who is already trained is a really attractive thing for a potential future employer. Especially if they can see you have taken the decision to look at your own personal development and arranged training off your own back. That shows initiative and accountability. All great traits for an employee.

Confidence – Any kind of training which develops your personal skills is always good for your confidence. Knowledge is a powerful thing and it can really boost your confidence in situations.

So, there you have it. Three reasons why learning first aid should be your new resolution. We have a wealth of courses available and can come to you or we have a dedicated training centre.

For more info why not email us on enquiries@themidlandstrainingcompany.co.uk or call 02476 714873

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