6 foods to avoid for allergy season

With the pollen counts on the rise… again, many people suffering from allergies will go and grab the eye drops or other medications for relief. But what about your diet? Could that affect your allergies? Here are 6 foods to avoid for the season and to make your summer that little bit more enjoyable!


Sadly these salad staples are rich in histamine, which can give you a tingly throat, mouth dryness and watery eyes. This is because it can trigger reactions in grass pollen- sensitive people.


Excessive mucus is usually part of the issue that comes with seasonal allergies, and dairy products such as yoghurt can thicken the mucus making it difficult to leave your body. Maybe save the yoghurts for the winter…

Spicy foods

Even though spicy foods are good for cleaning out sinus’ they are not good for seasonal allergies! Spicy foods may thin out the mucus that is built up in your body, but spicy foods particularly wasabi, horseradish and peppers, can trigger heartburn and acid reflex but also trigger sinus issues. The acid and partially digested foods that can come back up the throat can cause problems for your ears, nose and throat.


Really? Celery? The answer is yes. This can aggravate a birch pollen allergy. By eating the stalk of the celery you can end up constantly sneezing if it is a food that triggers your allergies.


If you have grass pollen allergies, peaches are definitely a food to stay away from! But if you are really wanting a peach it’s not all bad, if you peel and cook the peach this can decrease the risk of setting off your allergies!

Red Wine

And to round it off, red wine. How can you possibly stay away from red wine in the summer?! Well wine contains a lot of histamines, this is one of the chemicals that the body pumps out when you have allergies. During this season your body creates chemicals that activate an allergic response the biggest one being histamine, this is responsible for itching, redness, swelling and congestion.

Obviously allergens within children (excluding red wine) are also very prevalent so if this is an area you need support with don’t forget we have a course available.

Click here for more information or give us a call 02476 714873. https://www.themidlandstrainingcompany.co.uk/product/nutrition-and-allergens-in-the-early-years/


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