A quick update for First Aiders…

As you will be aware, The Midlands Training Company made the choice to close their doors and suspend training courses due to the current COVID-19 situation. The reasons for this decision include:

  • The need to follow government advice to prevent spread of COVID-19
  • Feedback from our customers who expressed a growing level of concern
  • Viability of remaining training courses and the delegate experience, especially with increasing numbers of cancellations and low course attendance levels
  • Our concern for the health and wellbeing of our trainers and associated employees

We also wanted to make you aware, if you’re not already informed, that if your qualification is due for renewal the government has issued an announcement as follows:

The HSE has announced a three month extension to the validity for all first aid certificates coming up for renewal on or after 16th March during the current COVID-19 crisis. The Department for Education has introduced the same extension for all Paediatric First Aid certificates coming up for renewal on or after 16th March.

Anyone taking advantage of this extension should be able to describe clearly their reasons for delaying requalification training and demonstrate steps they have taken to undertake the training, if required. HSE will review this matter over the coming months and will issue further statements as necessary.

We’ll keep you up to date with anything more so that you can renew your certificate and get back to what you do best as soon as you’re able!

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