British Values in the Early Years – What you need to know

Although British Value within EYFs have actually been around since 2015 there is still some confusion about what you need to do within your setting. That said, it really is quite simple.

The fundamental British values are:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths.

What this essentially means is introducing the concept of the above values into the learning at your setting. The key to doing this successfully is to ensure that it is age appropriate and meaningful.

The confusion or, sometimes, concern, is the level of detail into which you have to go to show you are promoting British Values in your setting.

There are lots of resources and ideas online to support best practice and and activities to support the topic however, without you even realising it, you probably already incorporate most of the fundamentals in your day-to-day work with the children.

Democracy can include things as simple as asking children to vote for the next activity or story they’re being read. It’s about making decisions together and ensuring everybody has equal rights. In young children this is often as simple as understanding about the importance of taking turns, sharing and working together.

Rule of law is also something which you will already be practicing. It’s all about rules, codes of conduct, boundaries and learning the difference between right and wrong. It is teaching that our actions have consequences. Getting the children involved in this day-to-day practice is also really important. Why not ask the children to create their own rules. Ask them: Why do we need rules? What would happen if we didn’t have rules?

Individual Liberty is all about choices. The right for a child to have a different opinion to another and that they are an individual. Young children often have a very strong sense of self and it’s really great to help enforce that and encourage them to make their own choices during the day as well as increase their confidence

Mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths is, again, something you will already be practicing as it is, primarily, all about treating others how we want to be treated. Young children just see other children and helping them to respect others and work in unison is really important. Simple things such as celebrating other faiths and religions and learning all about those faiths and religions. Respecting religious festivals and building it into your planning is a really great way to talk to children about this.

Whilst it can be simple it is important to get such key topics right and encourage best practice. If you need any support with this topic we do run regular courses for just £25 PP. For more details click here


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