Build Your Business Skills with E-Learning

Leadership, problem solving, teamwork, communication, time management. These are just some of the essential skills necessary for successful business management. Whether you’re an assistant within a large corporate firm or an entrepreneur of a small new venture you’ll require some if not all these skills at some time in your career, most likely on a regular day-to-day basis.

So, here are 5 basic but top skills that will help you land that dream job or assist you on the path to business success:

1. Communication
Verbal, written or listening – all are a part of the ‘package’ of communication. Be clear and concise, ensuring you tailor your language to your audience. Ask appropriate questions and listen to the viewpoints of others.

2. Teamwork
The ability to establish positive working relationships with colleagues is of paramount importance. Provision of encouragement, inspiration, influence and negotiation all fall under this skill. Don’t forget that you’ll also need to be prepared to overlook your own ego and compromise every now and again!

3. Organisation
Being able to organize your time effectively will enable you to work as efficiently and productively as possible. Choosing what work to prioritise shows an employer that you are aware of which tasks are important to be focusing on in order to meet deadlines.

4. Leadership
You don’t necessarily need to be in a managerial position to be required to exhibit leadership skills within the workplace. Showing that you can motivate others around you and set a good example is a solid start. If you can then also delegate tasks and set deadlines effectively, this will strengthen your leadership skills.

5. Problem Solving
This skill is all about using your logic. By anticipating how you might approach a problem that could arise in the workplace you’ll need to utilise your imagination as well as analytic skills in order to mitigate against them or be resilient against them if they should occur. Ultimately, the way you choose to adapt to a situation can reflect on your competency to perform a role.

Think you could do with brushing up? Or maybe you just want to work on your business skills and improve your long-term prospects? Either way, The Midlands Training Company offers an extensive range of E-Learning courses covering subjects such as administrative skills, bookkeeping, IT and marketing to public speaking and networking skills courses.

Take a look at the courses we have to offer HERE.

If you would like any more information on attending one of The Midlands Training Company’s courses, please contact us at or call 02476 714873.

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