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Health and Social Care CoursesAt MTC we have put together a very competitive quotation for you using  course bundles.   The courses included within the bundle can be made up of different MTC approved courses.  The venue for the training will be at your chosen venue (address to be confirmed) or at MTC head office based on your needs.   The dates and times will be agreed based on the staff availability. 

 Please note VAT is not applicable so the price quoted is the price you will pay.   All courses include a course certificate. 

This quote is based on closed courses for a minimum of 5  and Max 12 per training session. For training above 12 staff please
contact MTC for a bespoke training solution and price.

To view our list of courses please click HERE  

Course Bundles



5 course bundle

5 x ½ day session

ALL 5 courses delivered for

6 course bundle

6 x ½ day session

ALL 6 courses delivered for

7 course bundle

7 x ½ day session

ALL 7 courses delivered for

8 course bundle

8 x ½ day session

ALL 8 courses delivered for

9 course bundle

9 x ½ day session

ALL 9 courses delivered for

10 course bundle

10 x ½ day session

ALL 10 courses delivered for

11 course bundle

11 x ½ day session

ALL 11 courses delivered for

12 course bundle

12 x ½ day session

ALL 12 courses delivered for

We have over 100 courses please click HERE and we are always adding new courses.  

 If there is a specific course you would like that is not listed we can arrange for a course to be written. For the majority  of the courses below we can also offer as a classroom course – typically courses are £65pp based on 12 people for 3 hours as an awareness course.

 We also offer all mandatory courses from first aid qualifications to Fire Safety.  If there is any training you need please do not hesitate to ask.

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