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We contacted a local day nursery who had booked various courses with us to discuss future training needs and see if they were interested in our managed service solution. We had a face to face appointment with the nursery manager/owner, who although was a super numery manager she did cover the beginning and end of the day on the nursery floor. She admitted she has limited time for managing staff training up until almost the last minute. We discussed our courses and explained the managed service solution and it was just what she needed and agreed to sign up. We asked for her training matrix to which she admitted was a bit outdated, we organised a day to re-visit and update the matrix with her. The nursery have since booked additional courses with us and have received a discount on the courses due to credits accrued.

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A local day nursery booked 4 first aid places with us, we called them to ask if they would like to discuss the managed service solution. The manager said she had received information about this in the post and we appointed to visit. The manager had been operating for 20 years and was not counted in the ratio but still very much hands on. She was proud of the strength of her team and was ready to take a step back. We went through the solution with her and answered her questions in terms of meeting the required hours of CPD as stated by Ofsted. We asked about any training she felt her staff needed that wasn’t mandatory, she requested information on nutrition and allergen awareness in the early years, we sourced a trainer to do this and we have a course running soon which we are opening up to other nurseries and childminders. After she had signed up to the manage service solution she requested information about herself becoming a trainer as she has a background in nursing. We are currently looking at prices and more information for her.


We were approached in October by a business manager from an independent school to provide training for their teacher training day scheduled for April of the following year. He had a need for 160 staff to be trained in fire awareness over a morning session at the school. Ordinarily, our fire awareness training is delivered over 3 hours, however given the volume of staff we had to provide another solution. The customer requested 40 staff trained at one time in a ‘round robin’ fashion including a practical demonstration, with a break in between. Taking the detail on board, we booked 2 of our trainers and asked for a bespoke presentation which lasted 1 hour 45 minutes and included a practical demonstration of use of a fire extinguisher. The training was a success and additional training needs of ‘Evacuation Chair Training’ have been booked to run later in the year.


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