Celebrating Staff Excellence

Due to the current healthcare and staffing crisis, it has been bought to the attention of many a social media scroller that NHS and care staff are not only often being severely overworked, but they are also underappreciated. The latest Budget reveals a pledge to have 50,000 new nurses with the new NHS funding, showing that the shortage – at the very least – is recognised. But how often do we see good care and health services being celebrated?

In 2017 the Care Quality Commission produced a report and information guide focussing on celebrating good care, championing outstanding care’. The document contains case studies highlighting institutions setting the bar for excellence and seeking improvement.

In a world where news and media are quick to report on the negative and is so influential on public opinion, it is increasingly important that we don’t forget to celebrate the excellence within our respective industries. Not only will this encourage success within the workplace, but it will generate a feeling of satisfaction amongst colleagues. The question that might follow is, how do we go about this?

We’ve laid out 5 ways to celebrate success at work:

  1. Write it down: Whether it’s an individual employee receiving an email of praise for their work or a group highlighting one or several employees, written praise can be incredibly influential on employee behaviour.
  2. Speak out: Providing timely verbal praise can enhance an employee’s sense of recognition and doing so in a public environment will encourage others to follow their lead.
  3. Give them a bonus: If it can be facilitated, bonuses are a great way to celebrate excellent work and if given at the time of the success rather than as an end of year ‘expectation’, they will feel more significant and applicable to the related work that was done to achieve it.
  4. Celebrate. Literally: For team successes and hard work, celebrate as a team! The size of the reward can reflect the size of the achievement, i.e. pizza in the staff room, a team lunch or a party with an open bar!
  5. Frame it: Be it a staff newsletter, the intranet or the pin board in the staff break room, employee recognition is a great way to frame company and individual success and also shows to others that their efforts are being observed.

There is a long list of reasons for implementing staff recognition procedures, but perhaps three of the top might include staff retention, business growth/success and employee mental health.

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