Don’t be afraid to intervene when conflict arises at school

When conflicts arise within a school setting it can be difficult to know what to do. Especially if there is a crisis situation. According to the DFE All members of school staff have a legal power to use reasonable force but that alone can be a difficult prospect to address.

What if the intervention goes wrong? Sometimes you have to act and make a very quick decision about exactly how you need to intervene. Are you equipped to make the right decisions and use the right techniques to stop a situation from escalating safely and using the correct practice?

We hear so often that staff are scared to do the wrong things in these situations but simple techniques can be learnt and put into practice simply and easily. More importantly, it gives staff the confidence to know that should a situation arise they have the right skills and knowledge to use at that time.

This is why the right training is key. Knowledge is power and getting the correct training can empower your staff to really KNOW how to address and handle difficult situations. Our new course looks at:

  • Safeguarding & child protection (body movement and touch)
  • Crisis intervention
  • Types of communication
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Risk assessment
  • Decision making
  • Appropriate intervention and De-escalation
  • Post crisis debriefing

It has been specially designed for teachers in school settings and really goes into the details you need to safely and properly intervene if you ever have to.

If you want to understand more about course details or how we can help just give us a call on 02476 714873 or email us

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