Equality and Diversity within an EYFS setting.

Equality and Diversity Training

What is Equality?

Equality is making sure that children are not treated differently due to their nationality, gender, disability or religion.

By promoting equality it should get rid of any discrimination in all of these areas. Also bullying and harassment are also seen to be equality and diversity problems.

What is Diversity?

Diversity takes into consideration the differences between people and puts a positive value on these differences.

The role of a Teacher is extremely important when creating equality and diversity in a Nursery. But what exactly can you do to provide equality and diversity in your classroom? Here are some of our top tips!

  • Make sure policies, procedures and processes do not discriminate children or their families
  • Treat all your children fairly
  • Make an inclusive culture for all children
  • Be aware that everyone has equal access to opportunities to allow children to be fully involved and participated in the learning process.
  • Allow their students to develop to their potential and help them reach their targets
  • Equipping children to with the skills to challenge inequality or discrimination in their environments (when they are old enough)
  • Be aware that any learning materials do not discriminate against anyone.

Here at MTC we have a course that will support practitioners in opening up possibilities for all children, whilst respecting individuality. It will allow practitioners to reflect upon their own practise and support them in promoting inclusive provisions, practise and experiences, that reflect a positive and diverse society. For more information click here.

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