Head Injuries – When is a bump something to worry about?

Children are generally accident prone individuals. They trip, they fall, they wobble and they frequently bang heads. But when is the bump on their head from their latest trip something to worry about? The majority of head injuries are, of course, not serious. They can be sore for the child but usually it’s just a lump or some bruising.

It is important, however, to understand the difference between and a bump and something more serious. Severe head injuries can result in more serious conditions including damage to the brain.

So how we do know when something is more serious?

Keep a close eye on the child after the incident and if they start with any of the below symptoms ensure you contact emergency services:

·        If they are crying continuously

·        If they complain of any pain in their head or neck

·        If they lose consciousness…even for just a moment

·        If they are sick

·        If they seem disorientated and walking unusually

If the child seems fine you must still keep a close eye on them for 48 hours and do the following:

·        Always use a cold compress on the injury for a minimum of 10 minutes.

·        Keep an eye on them whilst sleeping and check they’re rousable

·        If the child can’t be roused at any point call 999 immediately

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