How many fire wardens do I need in my workplace?

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A fire can happen at any point. Any time day or night and you need to be totally prepared if this does happen. The sad statistic is that many business will never 100% recover from a fire.

If a fire happened at work would you spring into action and use the correct equipment in order to handle a fire?

Every workplace needs people that are professionally trained on how to handle fires and you need to be very prepared as fires can occur from the very smallest of circumstances.

An appointed and specially trained staff member will learn to keep an eye out for these small hazards as well as the larger hazards as well being able to conduct a safe, but fast evacuation of people to get off the premises in case of an emergency. The professionally trained person is called a Fire Warden or a Fire Marshall.

There is currently no set amount of how many fire wardens you need for a business because it all depends on what sort of business it is and the size of it. To understand this we would recommend doing a fire risk assessment to figure out the level of risk and calculate how many fire wardens you need.

REMEMBER- It does not matter how much training a fire warden gets and how responsible they are as a fire warden. One individual can only do so much and some businesses are more higher risk than others. You have to take this into account and train as many people as you think (depending on the size of your business) to become fire wardens.

Take into account these following points when thinking about how many fire wardens you will need in your business:

  • How many buildings and floors you have- need at least one fire warden on each floor but preferably 2 just in case of holidays and sickness.
  • How many people are there in the building?- Need to have enough fire wardens to guide everyone out in a swift manner but to also scout the area to ensure that no one has been left behind.
  • The types of people in the building- Are they young children? Elderly? Disabled? Members of the public? If they are high risk there will need to be more fire wardens on site.
  • The number of shifts- the more shifts there are, the more fire wardens will needed. Shifts should be set ensuring that all shifts have a fire warden available, and they should always be allowed to see the rota and records of sick leave so they know who is there at each shift.

As a rule of thumb a fire warden should be able to search their designated area in 2-3 minutes. All people should be evacuated and be in a safety staircase/route within 1 minute. Carry out a fire drill to see whether your fire wardens are able to do this. If they are unable to achieve this then obviously more fire wardens will be needed, in order to achieve this.

Here at The Midlands Training Company we deliver a course that will provide you with the knowledge and make you become more skilled in becoming a fire marshall for more information please click here

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