How to deal with stress as a Teacher

April is national stress awareness month. As a teacher, you may find your job extremely stressful whether it be children fighting, papers piling up or lessons needing planning. But here at MTC we wanted to raise the awareness of stress and help you combat these feelings, you should never feel alone when dealing with stress as it can make you worse. So here are a few of our top tips!


Work out what your priorities are. Create a list and put them into what is the most important and then once you’ve done that task tick it off. It also helps you as you can see you’re slowly working down that list which makes it rewarding.

What is stressing you out?

Have a long hard think and figure out what is the most stressful part of your job? Marking? Conflict between children? Figure it out and if you realise  you can’t do it on your own ask for help. At a school you have so many people going through what you are, you are never alone and there is always someone that is happy to help.

Think before you say yes

You’ve been asked to run an after-school club? You’ve been asked to participate in the fun run? Think before you say YES. It is OK to say no, you need to take a look at your list and think can i really add another one onto this as well as have some me time? Sometimes say no is OK, you can’t juggle everything that comes your way.

Keep moving forward

Did an activity not work out? Did you not handle something as well as you thought? That is OK you can’t be perfect in every part of your job role, you’re only human! Don’t dwell on things that are now in the past, try to not let it affect your mood… there is nothing you can do it about it now! Instead accept the fact it didn’t work out the way you handled it, take a note of it and learn from it. So next time the situation arises you will know what to do and you will take a different approach.

Keep some time free for some YOU time!

You time is so important! Keep some time free for you! We can all forget about ourselves when we are stressed but it is so important to keep doing things what make you happy. It is also important to do some exercise as your body will release endorphins and this will give you a more positive feeling.

Think positively

Try and think positively and smile! It’s the free and effective way to improve your mood! Try and find something positive out of a situation, especially if you know you are going to find a fault. You can visualise situations that you handled extremely well, and keep them memories in your mind when you are going through stressful situations.

Cut down on drinking, smoking and stimulants

While it may seem like a good idea at the time to have a large glass of wine after work it can affect you! These are all only temporary relief they do not solve the wider problem. Obviously they can create more problems in terms of physical and mental health.

We hope our top tips help you with managing stress. Tweet us @MidTrainCompany and tell us how you deal with stress.

Take a look at our mental health awareness course for schools

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