How to provide care with dignity.

If you work within the care industry you will understand the importance of providing support with respect and preserving the persons dignity at all times.

When a person comes into care it can be a big step from their independence to being cared for. That person needs to retain some level of independence and choice.

Some of the ways you can support this are as follows:

Personal care

Providing personal care to an individual can be very intimate. Ensuring you allow the individual the option of privacy can help with their vulnerability. Not everyone feels comfortable being naked in front of others so always allow their dignity to be retained by looking away where possible and keeping them covered when you can.

Personal Choice

Providing choice to people in your care (what they eat, what they might choose to wear etc) is a great way to help them feel as though they retain independence. Allowing a person be involved in their decision making in their routines will have a positive affect on both their health and their well being.

Treating as an equal

Always treat the people in your care as an equal. You can do this in many ways. Always listen to them and respect what they are asking for or talking about. This will help develop your relationship.


Respect personal belongings and space

Always respect the individuals space and belongings. Do not move things as this can be upsetting and stressful and always ask for permission to touch things and be in their space.

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