How Training & Development is Changing

The approach towards training and development of individuals within the workplace is shifting. The focus is growing further towards learning and development aligning with business strategy, and even shaping it. The overarching interest for bosses is growth and therefore people and talent are becoming increasingly crucial as a direct impact to business.

Businesses are proactively involving learning and development in forecasting workload and workforce needs in anticipation of delivery. L&D today is becoming more and more about enriching learning and leadership journeys, and the provision of this by the employer is increasingly viewed by employees as a valuable component of their company benefits. It is thought that many job seekers see this as a one of their criteria when changing roles.

Individual development plans can be influenced by training requirements and learning desires. As a consequence, employees feel more valued when they are granted access to courses and see that their role within the business is influential in its overall success. This can consequently be a large driving force in said individual’s motivation to progress in their role which in turn provides an incentive to stay with the company. Ultimately, companies who invest in their employees are more likely to have a higher staff retention.

Continuous training and development of employees is thought to be extremely beneficial in ‘future-proofing’ organisations, helping them to succeed in turbulent and unpredictable times such as these.

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