Moving and Handling People – Level 2 – Online CPD Training Course



Moving and Handling People Training – Level 2 – Accredited Course for Health and Social Care Workers – Skills for Health Aligned Course.

Welcome to our ‘moving and handling people’ online training course for front-line healthcare and social care providers. All our online training courses, programmes and qualifications are accredited by the CPD Certification Service (CPDUK).

They are also developed in line with the latest UK legislation and meet the requirements set out by the National Health Service (NHS), Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Skills for Care, UK Health and Safety Executive and other professional and regulatory bodies.

Moving and Handling People - Level 2 - Online CPD Training Course -

Moving and Handling People – Level 2 – Online CPD Course

Study method – Online, self-paced

Course format – Online (24/7 access), modular

Course duration – Part-time (1-year access)

Qualification – CPD certificate of completion

Course delivery – via desktop PC/MAC, laptops, tablets or smartphones

Awarded body – CPD Accreditation Service (UK)

Anticipated duration (Indicative CPD hours) – 2 hours.

Moving and Handling People - Level 2 - Online CPD Training Course -

Who is the online ‘moving and handling people’ course for?

This ‘moving and handling people’ e-learning course should be completed by those who work in health and social care services, including:

  • NHS medical, nursing, AHP and care staff,
  • Locum doctors and nurses,
  • Locum allied health professionals (AHPs),
  • Agency nurses,
  • Agency workers,
  • Healthcare Assistants,
  • Support workers,
  • Care assistants,
  • Nursery staff,
  • Teachers and teaching staff, and
  • Community services.

Our online ‘moving and handling people’ training courses should be completed by all healthcare and social care staff. This includes voluntary staff and unpaid working in NHS and private hospitals. Locum doctors, locum allied health professionals, agency nurses and healthcare assistants can also complete these e-learning courses.

These ‘moving and handling people’ training courses are also relevant for health and social care support workers, including those who work for nursing care homes, residential care homes and charities.

Course aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of this ‘moving and handling people’ training course are to:

  • To provide a clear understanding of the legislation regarding moving and handling,
  • To help learners understand the risks of poor practice,
  • To provide an awareness of recommended ergonomic techniques to minimise manual handling injuries in practice, and
  • To inform learners how to carry out manual handling tasks safely.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this online ‘moving and handling people’ e-learning course, the learner will:

  • Be able to recognise manual handling risk factors and how injuries can occur,
  • Understand employers and employees responsibilities under relevant national Health & Safety legislation including most recent versions of the Manual Handling Operation Regulations,
  • Understand their responsibilities under local organisational policies for Moving and Handling,
  • Know where additional advice and information can be sought relating to Moving and Handling issues
  • Be able to use an ergonomic approach to manual handling and other work tasks leading to improved working posture,
  • Understand the principles of good back care to promote general musculoskeletal health,
  • Understand the principles of safer handling,
  • Know the factors to be included in undertaking a dynamic risk assessment before initiating a moving and handling activity,
  • Understand how the organisation uses its risk management processes to inform safe systems of work,
  • Be able to choose suitable risk control strategies, resources and support available to facilitate good practice following a risk assessment appropriate to the staff member’s role,
  • Know how to provide patients with the best quality care using appropriate, safe and dignified moving and handling strategies,
  • Understand normal human movement patterns as a prerequisite to moving and handling people, and
  • Understand how multidisciplinary team communication and risk assessments ensure the safe handling of patients.

Moving and Handling People - Level 2 - Online CPD Training Course -

What is covered in this ‘moving and handling people’ course?

This ‘moving and handling people’ e-learning course covers the following:

  • An introduction to the key principles of moving and handling,
  • An overview of why ergonomic moving and handling is important,
  • What the law says about moving and handling,
  • The actions that organisations should take to promote a safer workforce (organisational responsibilities),
  • Individual responsibilities concerning moving and handling (individual responsibilities),
  • Definition of manual handling,
  • Why we need to understand how our spine and back work,
  • An awareness of the most common moving and handling injuries,
  • How healthcare workers can promote healthy back care,
  • Recommended ergonomic approaches to risk assessments (LITE/TILE),
  • Other moving and handling risk factors,
  • The principles of safer moving and handling of people,
  • Actions to take following a moving and handling risk assessment:
    • The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) ‘Numerical Guidelines for Lifting and Lowering Loads’,
    • The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines for handling while seated, and
    • The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) pushing and pulling guidelines.
  • Key things to remember when team handling and
  • Moving and handling information sources (online manual handling learning resources).

Moving and Handling People - Level 2 - Online CPD Training Course -

What is moving and handling in health and social care?

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations define moving and handling as ‘any transporting or supporting of a load (including the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving thereof) by hand or by bodily force’.

Why is moving and handling people training essential?

Moving and handling is a crucial part of the working day for most employees; from moving equipment, laundry, catering, supplies or waste to assisting residents in moving.

Health and social care settings can pose significant moving and handling challenges and risks. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders, including manual handling injuries, are the most common type of occupational ill health in the UK (Health and Safety Executive 2011). Given nature, type and frequency of moving and handling activities undertaken the risks of injury to staff and patients are considerable and need to be minimised. As part of health and safety at work requirements, employers are expected to provide training on crucial health and safety risks, and this has been supplemented with additional guidance covering the specific activity of moving and handling.

Poor moving and handling practice can lead to:

  • Back pain and musculoskeletal disorders, which can lead to the inability to work,
  • Moving and handling accidents – which can injure both the person being moved and the employee, and
  • Discomfort and a lack of dignity for the person being moved.

You must take action to prevent or minimise the risk of injury.

The most common injuries carers experience are back injuries. Injuring your back will limit your movement and your ability to care for someone. It could take a long time for you to recover. Lifting someone incorrectly can also damage fragile skin, cause shoulder and neck injuries, increase current breathing difficulties, or cause bruising or cuts.

Moving and Handling People - Level 2 - Online CPD Training Course -


To complete this ‘moving and handling people’ training course, you will need access to a computer device, e.g., desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device

Career path

Our ‘moving and handling people’ online training course is suitable for:

  • Those who are looking to improve their knowledge of the subject area,
  • Those whose jobs require periodic continuing professional development (CPD), and
  • Those who need to show evidence as part of their professional registration requirements, e.g., doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

Assessment and certification

At the end of this ‘moving and handling people’ online training course, learners will be required to complete an online assessment. On successful completion of the knowledge test (80% pass mark), learners will be able to download a FREE CPD certificate that can be used to provide evidence for audit and compliance.

Course accreditation

The content of this ‘moving and handling people’ online training course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

All learning materials are designed in collaboration with The Mandatory Training Group, the leading UK providers of workforce development solutions for all sectors.

Payment and additional information

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How to access your ‘moving and handling people’ online training course

Follow the easy steps below to purchase and access your ‘moving and handling people’ online training course:

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Moving and Handling People - Level 2 - Online CPD Training Course -

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Moving and Handling Training of People – Level 2 Online CPD Accredited Course for Healthcare and Social Care Workers.
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