Seizures in infants and young children – What you need to know.

Witnessing an individual have a seizure can be very hard, especially when that individual is a child.

There are different types of seizures to be aware of when it comes to young children but the most common is known as a ‘Febrile Seizure’ which is the one we’re going to talk about in this article.

A febrile seizure is caused by a high temperature. If this happens to a young child in your care you must ALWAYS seek professional, medical advice however there are certain steps you can take in the very first instance that can make a big difference in the short term.

A febrile seizure usually lasts for less than five minutes. Your child will:

  • become stiff and their arms and legs may begin to twitch
  • lose consciousness and may wet or soil themselves

They may also vomit and foam at the mouth, and their eyes may roll back. (NHS UK guidelines)

You should put your child into the recovery position and remain with them at all times during a seizure. Try and remain calm and monitor how long the seizure lasts as this is very important.

You must call 999 or attend a nearby hospital if any of the below is occurring

  • Your child is having a fit for the first time
  • the seizure lasts longer than five minutes and shows no signs of stopping
  • you suspect the seizure is being caused by another serious illness – for example, meningitis
  • your child is having breathing difficulties

The above information follows the NHS guidelines.

If you require any further information about First Aid courses for young children please give us a call on 02476 714873 or email us


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