SEND Special Educational needs and disability

The EYFS lays out the statutory framework for children’s early education aged 0 to 5 years giving standards for all children’s learning which includes additional needs, development and care in early years settings.

All Ofsted- registered settings offering early years provision have got to meet these standards to make sure that children learn and progress correctly and are kept healthy and safe. Settings have got to shadow the safeguarding and welfare requirements and the learning and development requirements for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Those in group provision have got to have a SENCO (Special educational needs coordinator) and childminders are should be able to recognise an individual to be that SENCO to help support children with SEND.

The EYFS framework demand non-maintained providers to have a system set for meeting children’s special educational needs. They should have easy system in place for recognising children’s additional needs and to encourage equal opportunities. This approach should form part of the provider’s general approach to observing the ongoing assessment of all children’s progress and development.

The EYFS declares that people who work with young children should be vigilant to transpiring complications and response early to concerns. SENCOs need to understand that, parent/carers know their child best and it is key that all practitioners listen and understand when they raise their concerns about their child’s development. Also they should listen to and address any worries that the child has brought up themselves.

Also if a child is disabled then the child is given support and protection under the Equality Act 2010. Extra responsibilities are set out within the Act for those settings in reception of public funding.

How can settings make sure that the children with SEND are supported?

Settings can make sure that the children with SEND are supported by recognising and meeting the needs of children with special educational needs is the main priority of everyone working within non-maintained early education provision. Funded early years settings should follow the EYFS and SEND Code of Practise to ensure all requirements outlined are incorporated into all aspects of their provision. This makes sure that the children’s needs are recognised early, the right support is given and children are referred onto external agencies if their learning and development are still to be a concern.

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