Stay Safe this Bonfire Night

With the evenings getting darker and halloween passing, everyone begins to gather together to see all the public events being taken place around 5th November but REMEMBER in order to have a good time you have to stay safe.

If you are thinking of going to a public event or holding your own bonfire night party, here are some safety tips to bare in mind.

Keep your distance

Always keep a good distance away from fireworks and bonfires to keep safe, if you have a small garden it is always best to go to a public event, heat can ignite fences or trees near your fire and it may be difficult to control. If you choose to have fireworks or a bonfire at home make sure you keep a bucket of water at your side just in case it does get out of control, and if you have an outdoor pipe then attach that to your hosepipe to it before you light the fire.

In terms of safety distance there are 3 categories. Category 1 is indoor fireworks, Category 2 you have to be around 5-8 meters away from it and Category 3 you need to be at least 25 meters away from the fireworks.

Wear the correct clothes.

Always wear a coat. This is not only to stay warm, so you don’t feel the need to stand right by the fire, but protect you from the burning embers that may fly up from the wind. It is extremely easy to lose balance, especially if you might be having a drink. So avoid the situation completely and wear a coat for protect and warmth.


If your child wants to handle sparklers make sure they are wearing gloves. Sparklers can get very hot as they burn they can reach up temperatures of 2000°C and three sparklers burning at the same time can generate as much heat as a blow torch. They can burn even if they are cooling down. But do not give your child a sparkler if they are under the age of five or to a child that is not able to use them safely.


If you or your child has been burnt the most important thing you can do is run the area where it has burnt under cold water for at least 10 minutes, do not put any gel, ice or creams as they can damage tissue and increase the risk of infection. Do not touch the burn or pull any clothing that is stuck to it. Finally, to stop the risk of infection cover the burn in cling film.

Last year there was 990 injuries in the UK alone caused by fireworks in October and November. 494 of them injuries were children who were injured by sparklers and fireworks. 479 of them people had to go to the hospital for their injuries to be dealt with after being injured by fireworks.

At public events in October/ November there were 121 injuries with 475 injuries happened at family events or private parties and out of all these injuries a total of 285 of these injuries were eye injuries!

Stay safe this bonfire night and have a look at our fire safety courses


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