Stay Safe This Christmas!

Everyone’s excited for Christmas, it is the best time of year after all. The fresh crisp December air, the hot chocolate filling your stomachs what’s not to love?! But unfortunately the run up to Christmas and everyone rushing around to get their presents for their loved ones a lot of accidents occur.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, more than 6,000 people will end up in hospital on Christmas Day and over the Christmas period more than 80,000 people visit A&E and this number appears to be rising. Over recent years, there has been an increase in injuries involving falls from ladders while stringing lights and cuts from broken glass ornaments. Christmas trees alone account for more than 1,000 injuries each year.

So we have gathered the most common accidents that occur around Christmas time and we have created some tips on how to keep you and your family safe.


Over 1,000 people injure themselves on Christmas decorations. This is from younger children biting into glass decorations, adults falling off unstable chairs or ladders to put up the tinsel or cutting yourself on broken decorations.

To prevent some of these accidents from occuring remove all glass decorations out of your toddlers reach, so they don’t try and eat your decorations! Also read the guidelines on the stuffed santas and novelty toys these still may need to be out of reach of children.

When putting up tinsel in higher places and a chair or ladder is required make sure there is someone there to keep the chair or ladder stable and to also spot you to try and catch you if you do fall.


A lot of people have accidents involving stairs, this can be due to too much alcohol, tiredness even excitement…there are so many reasons. To prevent accidents like this simply leave a light on by the stairs so the stairs are clearly visible and make sure the stairs are free of clutter to decrease the chance of a fall.

Fairy Lights

Believe it or not but over 350 people have injured themselves on fairy lights! This includes falls from putting up the fairy lights, children eating and choking on the bulbs, burns and electric shocks from faulty lights.

To prevent some casualties from occurring it is advised to test your lights before putting them up see if the wiring is still ok, and if they are old buy some new ones so they fit the latest safety standards. Also do not overload your plug sockets as this is a fire hazard.


A whopping 50% of people are more likely to die in a house fire over Christmas than any other point in the year and that percentage is still on the rise.

Do not put candles on or near a christmas tree, do not ever leave an open flame unattended and always put tea lights in an appropriate container as they have been known to burn through baths and televisions.


Alcohol reduces your risk awareness. After a party empty any drinks that have alcohol still in them and remove them out of the reach of children as children can drink the remains of what is left in the cup. Do not drink and drive.

To avoid smashes of glasses with younger children around it is advised to drink out of plastic cups to reduce the risk of any one cutting themselves over the festive season.

Here at MTC we hope you have a wonderful and festive filled Christmas! But planning in advance can ensure that your christmas will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Should accidents occur over the festive period it can be good to be prepared and first aid trained so you can check out one of our popular first aid training courses right here

Tweet us @MidTrainCompanny with some of your festive stories we would love to hear them!

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