The Handy C’s!

Emergencies can occur at any point in time and any place. We ALL need to be prepared for this so we can give the individual who is sick or hurt the correct treatment. The correct first aid training can mean the difference between a life and death situation of the victim. But, knowing the three C’s is just as important. The three C’s of first aid give a structure for how you should act in an emergency situation.

The 1st C… Check

You must check your surrounding to see if you and the individual are safe. You must check hazards such as traffic, fires and other items and making sure that the first aider is safe and they are not putting themself into danger while helping the injured/sick. If you are able too, please ask people who are around you at the scene for help.

The 2nd C… Call

Emergency situations demand fast and careful action from the first aids. Once they are done with taking in their surroundings and looking for hazards the first aider must then check to see if the individual is breathing or has a pulse. If not you must immediately call 990 and give them all the information you have found out including patient and location.

The 3rd C… Care

After the first two C’s are completed (Check and Care). First aiders must give initial care to the patient until the paramedics arrive to the scene. Constantly check the victim’s breathing and the condition they are in. If needed the first aider can give any specific care needed such as Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or follow the Circulation- Airway- Breathing (CAB) of first aid.

You can never go wrong learning first aid. You will be able to help increase an individual’s chance of survival.

We have a range of first aid courses, that you would benefit from please check out our first aid courses here  >>>  or call 02476 714873 for more information. Just remember an accident can happen anywhere… Learn first aid today.

The three C’s
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