The importance of training and development in the workplace.

In this blog we will cover the benefits to having training and development in the workplace. Training allows a great chance to gain more knowledge for all employees, but many employers struggle to find development opportunities as they believe that they are too expensive.

So…what are the benefits?

Improved employee performance –  Any employee who has an opportunity to get the right training will develop a better understanding within their job role. This means a better understanding of their responsibilities within their role which, in turn, gives them the ability to build up their confidence within the particular area.

Any employee with an increased level of knowledge and understanding along with a higher level of confidence will only serve to help the company. Those employees are now even more capable and inspired and will be a great asset as a leader within the company.

Addressing weaknesses – Many employees will have some weaknesses in their own skills. Participating in a training program gives those employees the chance to strengthen any skills gaps that they would like to improve. Development programmes can advance employee knowledge and ‘upskill’ them to a higher level bringing all employees to a similar knowledge base and skillset. This process can help to address any potential weak areas within the business. Quality training creates more knowledgeable staff who can take control if needs be, work within teams or work independently without the need for help or

Enhances company reputation and profile –  It is no secret that visual training opportunities can make a company look even more attractive to potential new recruits. It is no secret that Virgin, as a business, are infamous at training and developing their staff and that they also have one of the smallest turnovers staff wise. People want to be invested in and encouraged and they want to develop and grow themselves. Obvious training opportunities and routes for personal growth will always be attractive to a potential employee.

Reduced employee turnover – If staff are being invested in they feel more valued and part of the team which means they, ultimately, are less likely to change employers. Training and development is seen as an extra benefit and so any recruitment costs will also be less due to staff retention.

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