Top Five First aid tips for parents

Children will always have their tumbles and their falls. Parents need eyes in the back of their heads! You cannot wrap children in cotton wool and there may be times when your child does have an accident but there are things you can do to help your little one when this happens.
What do you do if your little one suffers from a…nosebleed?
URBAN MYTH – Do NOT tip childs head back. Instead sit the child upright, pinch the lower section of the nose (close to nostrils) and lean the child forwards keeping pressure on the nose. You should try and keep the pressure for five to ten minutes and avoid temptation to check whether bleeding has stopped as this hinders the process.
What do you do if you child suffers from a…burn?
If it is a small burn (under 1/4 inch) first step is always to run the wound under cold water. If you cannot put wound under running water soak a towel or similar in very cold water and put on wound until stinging subsides. If the burn is larger than that do as above but seek medical advice.
What happens if your little one suffers a scrape or graze?
If the wound is bleeding you should apply pressure firmly on the wound with clean cloth until it stops. Keep the pressure on anywhere from three to 15 minutes. Clean the wound in lukewarm water and pat dry. If the skin is broken, apply a thin layer of an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment then cover with a plaster or gauze. If you find you cannot control the bleeding with direct pressure you should go immediately to your A&E department.
What to do if your little person gets a splinter?
If your child gets a splinter (glass, wood etc) in their skin there are a few things you should do. Wash the wound gently so the area is clean then take a sterilised pair of tweezers and pull the offending item slowly and gently out of the skin. If you cannot get the splinter out using this method visit your local GP.
Keeping children safe is a difficult job for parents and having the knowledge to deal with every cuts and bruises is a good thing. In the incident of, heaven forbid, more serious accidents actual first aid may need to be applied so you may consider booking onto a pediatric first aid course.
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