What do you do if someone is drowning?

Summer is an exciting time for all the family, the mad rush before your holiday, feeling the sun on your skin and going for a quick dip in the pool to cool down. But a day in the pool means increased danger, and every family knows knows the fear of this activity especially if there is young ones involved. Here are a few steps on what to do if someone is drowning.

Call 999

Call the emergency services as soon as possible. An adult can struggle in the water for just over three minutes while an infant can only struggle for less than thirty seconds. Therefore there needs to be fast actions in order to save their life. Also scream to draw attention to other people around you who can help you on resuscitating the victim.

How to reach the victim

DO NOT just jump in to help the person drowning, this should be the last option as you are putting yourself at risk too, the individual will be stressed and may push you under water so they can get some air. There are other ways to help the victim such as using a towel the victim can grab onto the towel and be dragged back to shore. Or if you are by the pool and they are in reaching distance lie down by the side of the pool and stretch out towards the victim to pull them back to safety. Another way to reach the victim is to get into the pool but hold onto the side with one hand and stretch out your other hand towards the victim.


Now a days a lot of swimming pools have safety rings that are attached to a piece of rope, they float and can be used to save the victim. Throw the ring towards the person drowning and tell them to grab onto the ring and then pull them to the shore.

After the rescue

If the individual is unresponsive and not breathing (put you ear next to the persons mouth and nose, do you feel their breath on your cheek? Can you see their chest moving?). If not then give them the first initial rescue breaths before starting CPR. once youve done this start CPR this is thirty chest compressions, then two rescue breaths. Continue giving CPR until help arrives or if the victim regains consciousness. If they start breathing again at any time treat them for hypothermia by covering them in warm clothes and blankets. If they recover completely take them out of their wet clothes and place them in dry clothes. Keep checking their breathing until help arrives.

To do this correctly you need to have the proper training for it, here at MTC we deliver first aid courses to help you get the right qualification and training you need in order to perform CPR correctly. For more information click here https://www.themidlandstrainingcompany.co.uk/first-aid-2/ or call 02476 714873


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