Why choose The Midlands Training Company to provide your Positive Conflict management training.

Why should we choose you for our training? It’s a really good question. Delivering training professionally is really, really important and finding the right provider to work with is key.

In the field of positive conflict management within schools it is so very important.   If handled ineffectively, conflict can quickly escalate, even to physical and emotional violence and this is something you absolutely want to avoid.

Type of content- Courses in this area should not be generic or one size fits all and there is a tendency to follow that pattern when leading training courses in positive conflict. Our course is tailored and specifically designed to be delivered in school settings with the staff and children in mind at all times. It covers (in brief):

  • Safeguarding & child protection (body movement and touch)
  • Crisis intervention
  • Types of communication
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Risk assessment
  • Decision making
  • Appropriate intervention and De-escalation
  • Post crisis debriefing

The right trainer – Our designated trainer  has been a qualified social worker since 1999. She also has a wealth of other qualifications to support her role as the director of a children’s care home, such as Safeguarding children and behavioural therapy. She has worked with children in foster care as well as the care homes she owns and is highly experienced in de-escalation techniques to calm children down who maybe experiencing emotional or attachment difficulties.

Don’t just take our word for it – We’ve also had some fantastic feedback we’ve had from teachers and staff who attended a recent course.

positive conflict management training testimonial

So, is summary, ou need to ensure the training you choose is:

A/ Suitable specifically for you and your needs

B/ Delivered by an accredited trainer

C/ Is flexible in location for delivery

D/ Follows the latest guidelines outlined by the DFE 2013 for ‘Use of reasonable force in schools’

If you’re in a school setting and require this training why not give us a call on 02476 714873 or email us at enquiries@themidlandstrainingcompany.co.uk

We’d be delighted to help. Click the link for more on our Positive Conflict Management Training course



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