Why one size training does not fit all

We’ve just had a lovely email sent into the office from one of our newer customers today complimenting us on our services. Not only did it make us all smile on this grey and rainy day it got us thinking about how ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to training.

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We have a large number of businesses we work with on our ‘managed solution’. What this essentially means is that we look after ALL of their training requirements on an ongoing basis. One company managing all your training. Imagine that! No shopping around and we wont be beaten on price or quality either.

This service began when realised that ‘one size absolutely does NOT fit all’ when it comes to training. Training is personal. It isn’t always something you can just ‘pick off the shelf’ for sole use. We have always had the ability to provide bespoke training tailored to the businesses, schools, care homes and nurseries we work with.

There are often complex needs in many of the settings we work with. Time available. Staff constraints. Wanting a course which is very specific. Wanting a one day rather than a two day course. The key to being a quality training provider is providing the right solutions, at the right time that suits, for the right amount of people. It is matching the right trainer to the particular customers needs. And we believe it’s what makes us different.

One size does not fit all and we love sitting down with our clients with a blank piece of paper and providing them with the solutions to their staff training. People are very busy and everybody is different so whilst one training course might be suitable for one person it absolutely wouldn’t suit someone else.

Let’s say you go into a clothes shop for a dress. There are hundreds on the rails and lots of people in there but whilst the first dress you pick up might fit you like a glove the person behind you might find it too short. Or too tight. Which is why there is sizing available. It’s the same with our training. We will find the right course for you and we’ll even write it with you in mind.

So whilst it was lovely to receive such a lovely testimonial it was equally satisfying to realise that our bespoke training really is working. Could we help you with your training needs? Why not get in touch

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